It's game day and you forgot your dice? This app is the solution!

The best virtual dice simulator for RPG and board available.

Whenever you need a dice thrower RollD will have the ability to meet your needs, it simply supports any kind of numerical adaptation for your dice.

It has become the darling of several communities of roleplaying games, board games, among friends, among others.

A very simple way to simulate the roll of a virtual dice for those who don't have dice, need more dice or even a specific dice like the dice with specific letters or numbers.

RollD seeks to present a super clean and pleasant design with a very intuitive interface and a great user experience.

The application also seeks to work super well and quickly in a few seconds delivering and solving the user's need to launch data and have a result.

A great usability, easy access and applicability for the most diverse types of RPG games, board, among others.

We introduce several RollD functions, including:

  • Simulate key RPG and board game data (D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100, alphabetical and more.);
  • Roll as many dice as you want (50 6-sided dice (50d6));
  • Add or subtract modifiers (-99 to +99);
  • Consult the history of the results obtained in each data;
  • Use alphabetical data, which generates A-Z results;
  • Create your own custom die, such as a 75-sided die (D75);
  • See critical results with intuitive, easy-to-view highlights color.
  • Dark and light theme.
  • All these functions are free in the app for FREE.

Download now and check it all out!

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Available in more than 8 languages for download to Android and IOS.

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